2 features: performance and effect

  1. the ability to choose a different display framerate would be great. like how you can go down to 270p, if i could choose to go down to 8-15 fps i’d love that.
  2. the dynamic text effect should be able to have a line break. also, the alpha channels of the colors should NOT be edited in a text box out of 255. a slider out of 100 is better (specifically thinking about the “background color” that which’s opacity is only edited in that text box)
    also, why no option to have a clip dedicated for graphics? like text and rotoscoping and whatever else. that’s a pretty efficient interface. i really do not want to add a dedicated clip into my project bin that is only for a certain text clip that i can only edit by opening a separate window that does not show the video underneath.

Good ideas. Please open a [Feature Request] in bugs.kde.org.

All effects are provided through the MLT framework. So, if you want the Dynamic Text effect to be enhanced you need to contact them.

Actually, text clips show the video underneath: Select “Show background” at the bottom of the title app, and it shows the frame the playhead is currently on.

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aw, bummer, i have to go to a different website that looks like exclusively bug reports to send a feature request? thank you for directing me there, it doesn’t look entirely clear how to file a feature request

also thank you for informing me of the bg feature, i guess i should say i don’t want a separate window that i have to stop all i’m doing to go to if i want to edit text

also, didn’t know about the MLT framework, should i read the about page to learn more about that or where do i go to read about it?

Yep, that’s the only way to log a feature request. IIRC, there is a button to flag something as a FR, but I recommend ppl to simply add “[Feature Request]” as the prefix in the subject or title line.

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There is not much info or documentation about that, but check their website and/or the github repository for info and how to request a feature

so to be clear, kdenlive developpers can’t modify the MLT text tool / it would be inconvenient to do so? is there a proper reason or etiquette that i am not able to suggest this feature to them?

What I am saying is that you can open a bug report or feature request pertaining to the Dynamic Text effect in the Kdenlive bug report tool. But the Kdenlive dev team has to reach out to the MLT dev team and ask them to change it. I would think, however, that since MLT is open source, anyone could go to their github repo and contribute code but the MLT team has to accept it into their code base. So, it’s all not that easy and straightforward …