3D Cube Virtual Desktop switcher (bug)

I am running Plasma 6.1 Beta.
I was demonstating the 3D cube effect for the virtual desktops switcher and I discovered the following bug:

  1. From my main VD, I added 3 more Virtual Sesktops
  2. From the settings, I enabled the 3D cube effect
  3. From 3D effects, I selected the alt_meta + C to activate the 3D Cube.
    meta+C used to center a window
  4. Tried alt_meta + C, nothing happened
  5. Logged out and logged in of the wayland session
  6. Tried alt_meta + C, and the cube appeared.
  7. Rotate the cube for another Virtual Desktop and it worked
  8. Tried alt_meta + C, nothing happened!

There is clearly a bug. If anyone can assist in filing a bug, I am ready to share logging and debugging files

This is already fixed for the final release of 6.1. Thanks for testing the beta!

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