3D file thumbnailer

Hello, I was looking for 3D files thumbnailer. I found F3D.
However it doesn’t seem to work with dolphin. According to the Archwiki, these thumbnail system only works for everything except for Dolphin and Konqueror. And it looks like F3D’s user guide has no workaround for this.

Is there a way to either make f3d’s thumbnail generation worked for dolphin or is there another way for dolphin to generate thumbnail for 3D files?

Extra links: (forum doesn’t let me post more than 2 link)
g*thub com/f3d-app/f3d

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No, someone must make a dolphin-compatible thumbnail plugin.

If I wanted to make one, where would be the best place to learn? I have been looking for tutorial for it but haven’t found any, preferably with shell script since it looks like F3D allows generating thumbnail through command-line. (Perhaps my googling skill is bad.)

Currently I’m still switching to pcmanfm-qt whenever I need to browse 3D files. It’s not as great as dolphin.

The best way is to probably dig into the existing thumbnailers, such as Graphics / Thumbnailers · GitLab. You would need to generate a 3D image for the formats you want though, which would be the most difficult bit :slight_smile: making F3D do this is a good idea though