A few permission changes


please give TL3 (trust level 3) the ability to mark threads as solved.

Also make @redstrate a mod if he wants, since he is the most active dev on this forum.

Also consider making @berndmj (if he wants) a mod or give him additional permission, since he does a very good job in the kdenlive part of the forum.


Thanks for the praise, @Doha :blush:

I am interested, so please let me know what I need to do to take over more responsibilities :wink:

I’ve bumped @berndmj up to trust level 3. @redstrate is already at level 4, and I’d support making him a moderator too. I believe that would need to be done by @sitter

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Thanks for the promotion. Appreciate it

Thanks. That is a good start.

There is a reason I push for this¹. As time goes one more and more Devs lose interest in discuss (which is fine). Even your own suggestions from months ago are unanswered by admins and mods.
I know you guys are busy with Plasma 6, but isn’t this even more reason to push for community members to step up and help out?

I know you are big on onboarding, isn’t this the perfect opportunity to let non devs help out?


I am no mod of any forum so I don’t have any first hand experience. I still think my opinion is valid

I don’t see evidence of devs losing interest in Discuss, really.

Also the way Discuss works is that people eventually gain privileges over time automatically as they contribute more. But I’m happy to promote more people who are clearly helpful and trustworthy.