Accidently removed panel [solved]

yet again i accidently clicked clicked ‘remove panel’ in panel edit mode > more options. all my carefully configured stuff gone.
why is there no popup asking if i really want to? its so easy to click it by accident

that is all

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It takes a good amount of cursor movement to get to the remove button. It used to be really easy to remove accidentally when this was directly on the panel edit screen.

But alt least since Plasma 5.18, there is a popup that offers to undo a deletion, which remains until you dismiss it yourself. The same for regular desktop widgets as well.


I can’t say as to why they do this instead of a confirmation popup.

strange, i dont have that one. maybe cos im on wayland?

No, I use Wayland on the current Plasma 5.27 (KDE Neon) on my PC and I have this. The screen grab is from one of my laptops, with 5.24 (Kubuntu 22.04), also running Wayland.

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right something was turned off in the notification settings. got it working now, problem solved. thanks!


Probably because you can delete the panel because you think that’s what you want, but then after you see the effect you decide it was mistake and revert. Confirming before doesn’t help then.

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