Accounts, accounts everywhere

I have now at least three different accounts (bugs, discuss, identity). I shouldn’t need at least three different accounts.


You can use your identity account here and on bugs, that’s at least what I do.

Hmm, I failed to log in with my identity account here. I don’t know how I can try again to capture that, since I created an account with the same username here.

(I suspect my bugs account predates

Go to Preferences > Account > Associated Accounts to add your Identity account

Ah, is that a new change? I didn’t know sysadmin integrated our Bugzilla instance with Identity. does use a separate account; you can’t log into it with anything else. currently uses your KDE gitlab account AFAIK. Identity is deprecated and will be wound down in the near future in favor of your KDE gitlab account, which will work everywhere (except bugzilla).

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That sentence doesn’t make much sense, Identity and Gitlab account are the same.

It’s indeed the case that the service behind the accounts management will switch from the custom Identity system to Gitlab, but that doesn’t change anything relevant here

That’s what I was referring to, yes. It’s my understanding that in the future, instead of signing up for a “KDE Identity” account, people will sign up on GitLab instance, in the process abandoning

Are there no plans to integrate the gitlab account with bugzilla?

We’d love to, but it isn’t possible at the moment for technical reasons.