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OK, after about 3 weeks of running KDE, I’m convinced I made the right decision in switching over. I’ve had really good experiences both here and on my VMs (Arch and openSUSE, mostly). There are still a few quirks that I’m not able to work out, though:

  1. Sometimes when I start up from a clean boot, my Activities are just…gone. If I switch to them via keyboard shortcuts, they reappear (and my startup programs that I’ve setup for each activity are launched). But the system has forgotten the activity name and background. A logoff/logon will bring the activities mostly back; see below.

  2. Speaking of backgrounds…is there a way to use (1) background for all activities? This was doable with workspaces, but I can’t find a setting like that for activities.

  3. One other thing that gets lost - well at least partially lost - are my pinned apps on the task manager. Any app that’s been pinned exclusively to (1) activity is lost, others work as expected.

  1. No idea on this. I haven’t seen this myself.

  2. I think this is sort of on purpose, as part of their difference from virtual desktops is to have unique settings for this, among other things. I don’t know of a config for changing backgrounds for all Activities at once.

  3. This is related to #2, for the same reasons. However, this one IS configurable, via the right-click context menu on pinned application icons. There are other settings related to this in the Task Manager settings


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Unfortunately, part of the problem with #1 is the loss of activity-specific pinned apps. It was suggested to me to clear the KDE cache if this happens again, so maybe this “fix” will be enough.

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