Actually really fixing akonadi google resource?


  1. How many of you are actually pissed of by the akonadi google resource not working properly (especially contacts not syncing etc.)
  2. how many of you would actually be willing to pay so that someone FINALLY fixes this mess once and for all?
  3. how can we do this, where do I pay?


I’m sorry that you’re pissed off, but this is not a place to vent. You are not paying for KDE software (or at least, I hope you arent being scammed :slight_smile: ) The developers behind Akonadi are rarely financially compensated for their time.

You can do so in the Sponsored Work - KDE Discuss subforum. This doesn’t mean you will be able to find someone though.

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I’m sorry if it sounded like venting or ranting. I am actually trying to find a constructive solution. My financial resources are rather limited, so I’m trying to find people and ways to finance someone to work on the akonadi google resource. It has laid dormant for years, and doesn’t seem to get too much love even now.
If I’m the only person unhappy with the situation, well, then it’s just bad luck for me I guess. But if there are actually quite a lot of unhappy people out there, we can do something together. That’s the goal. If it didn’t give that impression, again, I’m sorry.

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If I remember correctly, the problem with the whole akonadi-google thing is that google keeps changing their API every opportunity they get that you’d practically need a developer dedicated just to keeping up with googles changes and constant updates to Akonadi


Correct. I recall one developer showing me that they had to change something like 2000 lines of code when Google switched their contacts API. Advantages of the new interface? None. Complaints and abuse from users who had no idea of what they were talking about? Bucketfuls.

Support your FLOSS developers, people!


Ok, so who is assigned to the akonadi google resource, and how can I support him?

The first bit is easy to find.

PIM / LibKGAPI · GitLab - that does the grunt between Akonadi and the googleverse

The last word is a bit presumptuous.

The bit in the middle? tougher cookie.

You can’t throw any amount of money at someone and say “fix my error” since there is no guarantee that the problem that they find to have the same outside effect (crashing when syncing?) is the same “thing-causing-it-to-crash” that is affecting you.

Also, it is hard to pin down something that is not reproducible on demand - yeah, you can automate stuff and write a script to sync, modify and sync contacts time and time again in the hope that whatever you experienced, say, 6 times in 4 weeks is going to happen, but there is no guarantee that it will - it might be that the error never occurs when a sync was the last thing to happen on that connection, or that the database behind your account has been migrated over the years, and contains some odd entry that your hired coder’s account created to reproduce and research the issue is on a newly created account (possibly even on hardware running slightly different software versions) simply does not contain quirk that causes your machine to baulk somewhere during the transfer of contact info to/from akonadi/google

I’m aware that it’s not as simple as that. I’m not expecting to give €50 and have my problems solved in a week… :wink: But I’d still like to ramp up my support besides bug reports and translation work…

Speaking of bug reports: A look at bug reports in about libkgapi and akonadi shows that the assignee in some of them is Daniel Vratil, but to my knowledge he isn’t actively involved into kde google integration development anymore, right? At least that was the case a while ago, and Claudio Cambra had taken over…


All I know is what the clacks say…

Fairly sure you don’t want me to parrot what you could find out in the commit history (available through the link I posted, along with maintainer and author details) should you care to look, but from that evidence it doesn’t appear so.

Thing is, I’m not a programmer (otherwise I would have joined the KDE team a long time ago). So I don’t really know about commits and stuff, and things that are obvious to you are hidden to me… :wink: I’m learning a lot right now, thank you.

So the main contributers to libkgapi seem to be Laurent Montel and Script Kiddy.

"Script Kiddy " is a bot that does some housework.

Oh! There are plenty of unhappy people, but you may be unhappy at the wrong thing. Every time the service provider capriciously changes things with the aim of breaking third party apps (because they want you to use their apps), tons of developer hours are wasted while KDE is forced to play catch-up, just for the cycle to repeat a few months later.

My advice: ditch the service provider… Even if it is painful now, keep in mind they are the ones messing with your workflow.

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Unfortunately, that’s not my choice… One of the companies I work with uses Google, the other one Outlook…

Oof. I feel your pain.

Notwithstanding, remember KDE devs do their best, but it is not always possible to keep up with those big software companies.

Thank you for your patience.

Sticking with FOSS software for me is a question of principles, not (so much) usability. That being said, in general I’m more than satisfied with how well most software (both KDE and Gnome) works, and I’m not going anywhere… :wink:

I’m trying to help with the little I have, and when I get frustrated, there is always someone to motivate me to hang in there. One more benefit of being part of the FOSS world in general, and KDE in particular.

So, thanks a lot for all the hard work you all put in to make KDE software even greater than it already is!

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