Add an "Add Sticky Note" Entry in the Desktop's Right Click Men

Sticky notes are such a useful feature, but currently to add one to your desktop you either have to scroll forever through the widgets menu or middle click paste whatever is in your clipboard onto the desktop. Then you have to struggle to delete the contents just so you can write your quick note which ruins some of the convenience factor for new thoughts.

My proposal is this: create an “add sticky note” entry in the right click menu by default. Those who use middle click paste must be copying stuff from other apps anyways, so another 2 clicks is fine, if middle click paste would even be turned off.

Also, there was discussion or implementation(?) of turning off by default scrolling to change virtual desktops. I think that accidentally middle click pasting your clipboard contents into a sticky note is an unexpected behavior and should follow in that line. There’s already the System Tray’s clipboard for those sorts of needs, users can configure the number of entries before deletion, and Middle Button pasting could just be reenabled from the screen’s desktop settings anyways.

As an even broader idea the implementation could just allow users to select a widget they want created whenever they hit an option in the menu. The Calculator and Color Picker immediately come to my mind as something you might want only temporary but would like quick access to.


Some other tangentially related ideas:

Would it be possible to have sticky notes use symbolic icons on panels below a certain width? It has utility on panels as a quick notepad but it sticks out visually in my height=52 panel next to the System Tray. Fractional scaling is enabled on another monitor if that’s relevant to any implementation.

Another cool idea would be Markdown support or the ability to drop in images, but those would probably cause bloat?

As far as the White/Black and Translucent/Translucent White note colors, a way to toggle it to follow system color mode would be an excellent addition, but I don’t have a concept of how much bloat that would add.

Both are things I want as well and plan to work on them eventually, if no one else does first.