Adding new options

Hello, suggestion for adding native functions, if you see that it is viable:

1 - Automatic color management for applications, which increases color fidelity, larger bits even on unsupported monitors, something like that. It would be an available option for the user.
2 - Graphic equalizer from 10hz to 20khz, virtual surround option, volume leveler option for those who like it.
3 - Addition of options that exist in the Intel control panel, for onboard cards.
4 - New tab in the system configuration, to enable or disable hardware acceleration in general for the entire system and apps (GPU, audio, internet, etc.), for those who like this versatility.
You can also choose the basic graphics card for efficiency, and the strongest card for performance, for those with a 2-card notebook.

Thank you in advance, I believe it will help many users who like these extra native options, within the system settings itself. It also helps new users on Linux, who came from other systems.