After installing booting entered GNU Grub

I just installed kde neon with the latest iso version. during installation I chose the erase disk option and encrypted the disk. After the installation process was complete, I booted into KDE Neon and after entering the password for the disk, instead of booting, I entered GNU Grub.

I only installed kde neon on my computer.

grub is normally a step in the boot sequence.

if you don’t want to see grub at all, you can disable it… or make it not show you the menu… but it’s generally a good thing so you have access to the memtest and advanced features.

you can also set it o boot to your OS after a short timer or only show you the menu after a key press (sort of like how you get into your BIOS).

I would never hide the GRUB menu. I have BTRFS snapshots and this gives me a way to get to them and other kernels to boot from if there is a problem.

OH! You didn’t say if you got past GRUB and went to the login.

i would avoid grub customizer as it rearranges your grub folder contents and makes a copy of everything.

and i think it means the scripts are no longer live, meaning they don’t automatically update when a new kernel is installed like grub is supposed to do.

No, I didn’t make it past GNU Grub and booting into my neon