After unwanted upgrade to Plasma 6 printing stopped working

On Neon stable distribution, after unwanted upgrade to Plasma 6 printing stopped working.

Anyone else experiencing same issues?

(Also some dialog windows looks ugly, fonts has crazy size and some configuration reverted to weir defaults. What did I do wrong?)

Sorry you had a bad experience. Please be aware: KDE Neon is known as the “latest and greatest for KDE.” Major versions are infrequent (Plasma 5.0 was released in 2014), but any new version of software contains a risk of breakage. My own experience upgrading to Plasma 6 is excellent.

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Confirm look at Printer solutions - #2 by dth2

Does the printing works for you?

I remember those times; it was painful for a year until it became usable. :blush:

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Technically, no. It’s not a Plasma 6 issue though, because I had the same issue with earlier versions of Plasma. I think my issue is related either to CUPS or something with Network Manager, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Update to plasma 6.02 did not solve the problem, unable to detect any printer with system config.
Cups Web interface is still usable to install printers !

If this were the case this would happen with Kubuntu 22.04. And Kubuntu with the lasts updates is still able to detect any printer !