All clips added to video tracks jump to time zero

I was working on a project no problem, when all of a sudden any new clips I tried to add to a video track jump to the start of the track, and I cannot move them or double click on them. If I try to move any existing clips in a track, it does the same thing. If I try to undo the action, the clip still doesn’t move. When I close the project without saving, it doesn’t pop anything up. When I open the project again, it is at the point at which I last saved.

I also noticed also that a bunch of the clips turned red in the timeline.

I’ve tried closing the app and reopening it multiple times. I tried deleting and redownloading the app. I tried restarting my project twice but in the each new file the same thing eventually happens.

Did I somehow mess with a setting or is this a bug?

First, you could help us helping you by stating which OS you are on, which kdenlive version you are using, and whether it is the installed version (from where?) or the appimage.

I don’t think a botched up setting causes this behavior. Probably a clean uninstall or removal including all residual files (in ~.local\share\kdenlive or c:\users<user>\AppData\Local (and\or Roaming)\kdenlive) will fix it. Or going with the appimage or stand-alone version in the first place.