Allow disabling installing global plugins from KDE store

I have some non-technical users that I can’t trust to audit global themes.

It would be good if I could disable installing global themes and any other things that could run executable code and aren’t just themes, icons, etc.

Then I don’t have to worry about those users deleting their home directory or otherwise getting compromised.

Hm, this can be closed or ignored I think as it is addressed in the recent article I cannot yet link to named “Trusting content on the KDE Store”.

If you’re a sys-admin you might want to consider adding the following to block users installing addons with the following kiosk snippet.


[KDE Action Restrictions][$i]

Actually I think that disables all addons. My post is about disabling only global themes.

(The article mentioned is Trusting content on the KDE Store – David Edmundson's Web Log, for the benefit of anyone else interested in this)