An Idea for Desktop Pager: Clicking Current Desktop to Open Overview

Basically an additional option in the Pager’s settings that instead of clicking the current desktop to show the user’s desktop it would instead open the overview.

Alternatively tying it to a middle click anywhere on the pager could be neat too, but it might annoy anyone with a screwy scroll wheel.

This sounds like a good idea and there are some Plasma applets that have functionality to open the overview, so this is certainly possible, though I don’t know if such an option would be accepted in the official Pager plasmoid as these applets use qdbus (or qdbus6 for Plasma 6) to invoke the overview.

I have my own fork of the Pager which I’ve added a number of additional settings to and I just added the functionality you’ve suggested, using those other applets as a guide if you’re interested.

Having said that, depending on how familiar you are with code and if you wanted only the overview toggle added, you could create a copy of the Pager (from /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/ the folder is org.kde.plasma.pager) in your ~/.local/share/plasmoids/ folder and just look at the changes from the most recent commit, merging those changes into your own local copy (the current master is for Plasma 6 but there’s also a plasma5 branch for Plasma 5).

The main issue with that is you’d want to occasionally keep your local copy up to date with the version in /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/ to get any benefits of updates/fixes to the official plasmoid.