Are there some way to assign keyboard shortcut to Dolphin's Context Menu?

If it’s invoking the Dolphin Context Menu in other application, maybe it be necessary a “Group” in “Custom Shortcut” to reinforce the modification only to Dolphin, like showed here.

So add this feature is a difficult task. I didn’t know, meven.

Having the dolphin context menu pop up everywhere is pretty useless really. For example, if you’re on x11 and you have a couple of servicemenus that use xdotool to invoke shortcuts, they might be different from the shortcuts in other applications. There’s a bunch of other things that would make it useless really. Imho, it’s much better to add specific actions to the application itself. You just need to edit the desktop file and create some actions in it. Stuff you should use on a regular base for that particular app, whether it’s app specific or an overall command or script. The option I provided simply sets an alternative for the context menu of the active app.

Oh… Just now did I understand what you sent me! Sorry my stupidity… You showed me a way to assign the “Menu” key for “Shift + F10”, was it?

Yes. Since you don’t have a menu key, it’s an option for every menu in every app.


All right, I will choice your answer like solution for this post, it seems the best solution. I think my “tutorial” can complement the solution helping other users that have difficult to configure the Custom Shortcut.

Thank you for each one who tried to help me!

Thank a lot for the tip.
BTW, did you check it while Firefox is open?
On my PC (OpenSuse with KDE Plasma 5.24.4) the shortcut always activates the context menu to Firefox, even if FF is not active and in another desktop (work space) as Dolphin.
In this case the context menu disappears only after click and un-click Firefox.

BTW, I think this (“KHotkeys”) is removed in Plasma 6.

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The dzon solution is working fine for me. Try to add this settings for your custom shortcut’s parameters.

Now it works as it should :100:


Just a generic note since you’re using X11:

Whenever an application won’t do exactly what you want at the press of a hotkey…, but it will do it through a sequence of keyboard and mouse actions, etc., You can use AutoKey to to build a script (in Python) that will do those actions for you at the press of a hotkey. This doesn’t work in Wayland yet, but there’s an alpha version that has most of the functionality working. AutoKey can also do a lot more…

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