Artifacts after enabling blur from desktop effects, widgets gone after rebooting,

Hello, i just install kde plasma of fedora but facing tremendous amounts of bug, also after enabling bismuth, windows does not tiles properly, some times new windows auto tiles, but most of the time windows spawns no one knows where, I dont know which log files to share, please guide me!
here is a screen shot,

Hi there!

If you have “tremendous amounts of bugs” I would guess you have some issue with your installation. The best place to get help would be from your distribution (in your case Fedora) →

If you have specific issues with KDE Software tell us more in detail, so we can try to help.

I have no experience with tiling scripts on Plasma, but if bismuth is not working for you have a look at polonium. Maybe that works better for you.

For bismuth, I believe it’s no longer fully compatible with plasma.

Installing it will give you some tiling but it seems like recent plasma versions break bismuth. I tried it and ended up removing bismuth because the settings for it was missing and I believe I was only left with it’s defaults. May be something bismuth has to fix on their end, otherwise look at tiling scripts for plasma.

Regarding your blur issue, I’d like to add my own experience so this gets seen/reported.

Im using plasma on neon and followed the wiki instructions to enable Wayland on Nvidia.

I have blur enabled in desktop effects.
Certain elements get this same mouse pointer trail artifacting. Namely, the application launcher background and panel backgrounds.
However, widget backgrounds don’t get this artifacting.
I switched to x11 and doesn’t happen there.

I’ll see where else I can reproduce it

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well I always had kde on my laptop and desktop i never faced this before, and i was too much used to with bismuth, so that was kind of drove me nuts,
Thanks i will try polonium.

I just disabled blur because it was bothering me way too much, and the whole desktop was laggy, i changed the compositor to balance between smooth and performance (i forgot the option), and there was a check box underneath, which i unchecked (it was related to artifacts or something),

not going to use blurs anymore for awhile i guess.

closing this issue, thanks for clarifying.