Audio file information not displayed

Good morning everyone, in the dolphin file manager the information of the mp3 and flac files (track, album, artist, etc.) is not displayed. The files contain information, in fact if I click on file properties there is all the information and even in the Windows file manager they are displayed correctly and metadata also appears in any audio software. How can I solve it?

baloo is not running on that folder.

click on the desktop and type “file search” and follow the settings page from the search results.

choose “start indexing a folder” and browse to the location where you keep your audio files.

baloo will start indexing that directory, and it will take some time to fully complete (maybe days)… but eventually the meta data will begin to be populated.

also make sure “enable file search” and “also index file content” are both checked at the top of the page.


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It worked right away, I love you. :heart:

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