Autohided panel doesn't show up

Hi all,

I have an issue with combination of panel option and behavour of mouse pointer on the edge of a screen. As you know, we have three options for panel: “Always on top”, “Window can overwright”, and “Autohide”. We also have three options for switching virtual desktops when mouse crosses the screen edge: “Never”, “Only when window moving”, and “Always”. So we have nine combinations. Eight of them work well, but when I select “Autohide” for panel and “Always” for desktop switching, the panel stops show up at all. It doesn’t appear when mouse is moved to any edge of screen.

I run the MX-Linux 23.3 AHS with kernel 6.6.11 and Plasma 5.27.5 on Wayland.
My questions: Does anybody have expierence with such issue? Is this a bug that must be reported? Is there any workaround?

Best regards