Battery Percentage on Icon When not Fully Charged

Didn’t see this reported, but I am running KDE Plasma 6.0.4 on Wayland on 2 separate laptops. Both are Asus units, this one is 3 weeks old, the other about 1 year. On both machines, the “Show Battery Percentage on Icon” does not survive a reboot; I have to re-enable it each time. This also occurred on a clean install of Fedora 40 KDE spin. This does not occur on my machines running Plasma 5x

Has this already been reported or is there a quick-fix for this?
Thank you

Darn, I thought this was fixed now. Are you on Wayland? Does it go away if you boot into an X11 session, change it, and go back to a Wayland session? Does it happen in a new fresh user account only used with the Wayland session.

I never tried going back into X11. Yes I am on Wayland both machines, and both machines are clean install onto a new SSD actually; I remove the SSD’s containing Windows from the machines and install fresh clean ones. There is only one account, mine, which does have Sudo access. I’ll have to see if it occurs in an X11 session, I assume I can just change the values in SDDM>Behavior?

I changed SDDM>Behavior to an X11 session and that setting does survive a reboot. In fact I was in Wayland and I had the setting enabled, when I made the change and re-booted the percentage was in fact still there. The only thing I had to do was put my Global Scale back to 125% as it went to the default of 100% when I switched to X11. Once I did that I re-booted again to confirm the setting stayed, and was not somehow tied to my Global Scale setting, the Battery Percentage remains.

I put this Asus back into Wayland and that battery setting remains even after several re-boots