Blackscreen with cursor on Lockscreen (sddm)

I recently updated my System (EndeavourOS) and since then i always i’d get a blackscreen with a cursor as soon as i activate the lockscreen (super + L). However i can still login with my password but have to do it blindly.
It used to work before and it happens on 2 of my 3 systems.
It seems to be related to AMD since it happens on both of my AMD Systems (one using a RX6600 the other one a RX7800) but not on the System that uses Nvidia. I’m not sure if it might also be related of me using X11 on all systems. I tried setting the SDDM/Lockscreen Settings back to default though the issue remains. I checked my journal but there is nothing related to the issue.
I think it got introduced with an update like 2-4 days ago since everything used to work before. Any clue what might be the issue?

Both System-Installations are pretty “clean” meaning i haven’t installed anything fancy besides zsh and mesa

I just noticed chaning the User the “Loginscreen” just shows up fine. So it is only the lockscreen which seems to have issues.