Branding suggestions for Glaxnimate (vector animation software)

Combining Kirin and Keyra from different answers and because the creator of the program liked Kirin:


  • It has “Key” as in “Keyframe”
  • It still sounds like “Kirin” so the meaning stays is free:
keyrin dot com is not free but for sale, so nobody is using it.

I like Kino as prefix. Latin for things that move (e.g. kinetics, kinematics), German for cinema.

Combine it with another one or two syllables and you probably have an easily pronounceable, not necessarily trademarked, possibly Japanese-sounding name.

Current favorite:

  • Kinomo - “mo” can be short for motion, like in slow-mo. Not to be confused with kimono.

Other variants:

  • Kinomoto - expanded version of the “mo” for “motion”, like in motor. Also a former Japanese town that was amalgamated.
  • Kinoto - alternative spelling of Chinotto, a type of carbonated soft drink. Also a Japanese surname.
  • Kinotabi - honoring an excellent 2003 anime. Incorrectly shortened for brevity and trademark avoidance. Instead of Kino’s journey, it would be the journey of ki, the universal life force. That’s not so bad either, I guess.
  • Kinokame - play on Kamera, German for (you guessed it) camera. Made-up word, not in use anywhere.
  • Kinemate - honoring part of the original name, although some people might say /kaɪ̯n/ for the first part which is unintentional and doesn’t sound as great. Using “Kino” instead of “Kine” leads to similar pronunciation mix-ups in the second half. Could fix it by spelling it as Keynimate, but that’s lame and far from any original meanings, so no.
  • Keynematic - not super straightforward, not a 100% winner, but not terrible either.

Edit - Bonus entry:

  • Animakino - the shorter Makino is already in use by a milling machine company.

Got no dragons for you. Sorry.


Another suggestion from Bing Chat was Kira (pronounced the same as Keyra, but shorter):

  • Kira: “This name is a variation of “KDE” and “ira”, which is a Hebrew word for watchful or vigilant. It also sounds like “kira”, which is a Japanese word for sparkle or glitter. This could indicate your software’s quality and performance, as well as its ability to create dazzling animations.”

(Another idea is Kamina: Part of “animation” backwards with k at the front)

Between all mentioned suggestions, Kanima sounds good.

I created a poll of my top picks: What should Glaxnimate's new name be? - Poll

I’ll keep the poll running for a couple days and see what the results show.

Merging the votes on the poll above with the poll I ran on the Glaxnimate telegram chat:

  • Glaxnimate 15+4 = 19
  • Kirin 7+5 = 12
  • Glaximate 11+0 = 11

So Glaxnimate it is :stuck_out_tongue: