Breeze-Dark as default

almost 10 years are past since plasma5 an still no homogeneous appearances neither in plasma5 nor in plasma6 & no default dark themes.

Listen, my oled-tv, just after 10 seconds i look a bright tv-progs or home-page offer me to switch to dark color, many advertisement propose dark color for their devices, in Redmond offer dark-theme if you pay for a licence… & what are you doing? Scientist recommend dark colors too, saving energy, durability of devices and the eyes. Are those not enough or convenient arguments?

Besides of switching to breeze-dark for $USER- and $ROOT-apps (like krusader), the user need also that “Gtk”-apps look exactly like the “Qt”-apps :heavy_equals_sign: homogeneous, this mean also to scale the “Gtk”-apps properly, regarding scale see[Github_Advantaged_Scale-Display].

Basically, should the plasma-meta packages install also edid-decode, read the real dimension of the display (like in the above linked “Readme”) and issue/tell the system the proper dimension that are equal to set DPI.

Furthermore, if a user install plasma, that doesn’t mean that he have to grab scripts or modify config-files to get also proper appearances & scaling of Gtk-apps :heavy_equals_sign: plasma have to provide the right settings out of the box.

This mean, the appearances in systemsettings for Gtk must be exactly like the settings for Qt & also for $USER- & $ROOT-apps at least for the theme “Breeze”, the/your flagship.

Why should/must the user create a kvantum-theme similar to breeze-dark? Why have you it not yet made and not only similar but exactly the same?

By the way, if i try to download a global theme, the system must tell which kind of theme is (Gtk or Qt) and must only allow to download complete theme with all the components Qt-theme have too.

Sorry to be so direct, but after ca. 10 years is the patience almost gone.

By the way, i would thank you again for the job you have done in the past 10 years.