Brightness icon (desktop computer) does not show up in Plasma 6, and scrolling on battery icon does not change brightness

I am using EndeavourOS on a desktop computer.

In Plasma 5, there was a brightness icon, scrolling on which changed the Brightness.


Plasma 6 shows the battery icon, but I don’t have a battery in this desktop computer. Scrolling on the icon does nothing.

However, I can right click → Configure energy saving → Change brightness from there, which is inefficient.


Is this a known bug?

I realized that Brightness and Color was the red lightbulb icon (it has been merged with Night Light in Plasma 6), scrolling on which does change the brightness. The battery icon was redundant.

I am using Papirus icon Theme, and symbolic system tray icons for Plasma 6 are slightly messed up, but it has been reported upstream.