Bring back the magic: cascading menu quick-access ANCESTOR

That 9menu ‘package’ thingie is is way over my paygrade. I also tried to DL Porteux but the download failed, I’ll look it up again when I have time.

What I was really hoping for when I posted was that some old timer will dig up a copy of that OLD utility and just rewrite it for plasma …I still can’t remember it’s name!

Well, thanks for sending me down a new path.

I am going to cultivate your compact menu theme and see where it takes me.

Good luck and thanks,


You know, one of the menus that actually does this quite well is the old style application menu. Guess that if you eliminate the favorites sidebar, you’re very close.

You don’t need that sidebar at all. And you have recent and search bundled in one single fast menu. No clickdedieclickedieclick…no. Cascade on hover.

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One of towbar’s issues was the extra space that had nothing to do with what was wanted. If only one entry is long then the entire menu is that wide. The trick is to keep names short.

I like the cascading effect but I do not want it to be automatic on hover. Too many times I have moved the cursor just a little too far and lost the entire menu, making me start all over.

I want to be required to click on each entry to proceed to the next level.

I can post or share what I have done with 9menu. The more I mess with it the more I like it. Just say the word.



First about the stock KDE (Apache) menu I pasted earlier, note that the width of the cascading fields is way more than the content, some other criterion seems to govern and this is a key question.

I hate hover effects like the plague also but they are at times OK. All forms of controll are supposed to be positive with feedback and in this thread I will take than even a step further. This is whet my memory of the original widget or sprite or whatever is foggy but I think the double-click feature was there. If it wasn’t then maybe it could be.

Taking the case of executable script files in a folder (I had about a hundedred of these), I would want single click to pop the menu tree OFF panel where the widget is parked and then mouse-over plus persistance until I see the target menu label unfolded. At this point as I let go the mouse for the cascaded tree up to that point to freeze. I want to click again and this time to open the target label, say another folder. The next label would be some or filtered partial contents of that folder which in this case would be executable scripts shown by their real or assigned names such as fdisk-L.bsh or just DiskList. Since this last one is executable I would want two-clicks either becasuse I have so flagged tose files in the menu construction OR because the executable flag is sensed and 2-clicks become automatically required to execute.

I had a few remarkable incidents on account of single clicked executables like “reboot but before you do edit the grub menu to no delay and change the default OS flag too” …and such other gems :slight_smile: This one gave me look-ma-no-hands reboot to another system just like that!

I have done that. A second later and I go “What the heck did I just do?”


Hi towbar.

I assume “Absolutely” means you would like the link to my 9menu files, so here ya go:


I must’ve misread this topic. It’s not about a cascading applications+ overall menu but about a function. A click one for that matter. I guess a miller column style ( to avoid popups/hover effects) fm with some click functionality in the end file would do it. Preferably one with a split view in which the target folder/file unfolds. It would require some serious additional options in the mouse select section.
Only fm I ever tried that had a little bit of a combo on click options was double commander. Maybe spacefm had such a functionality ( can’t remember).

At my work there is a Mac computer with a fm that does the miller column style - I looked it up on Duck - that keeps everything open.


Yes, mac does it. Elementary’s Pantheon Files as well. There’ve been talks for Caja I believe.
Pantheon Files:

It’s both, the KDE Direct-Access widget was I think the 2nd or 3rd generation successor to what I remember having used and liked and which was first in the series.

When you click the current Application-Menu (if it’s not configured to look like that paging sPhone look that makes me fume!) then a cascading menu pops open and will spill out successive layers that exist as you move your mouse along. I think in the original maybe you had to click an item for the next wing to open at all but up to this point there’d be little difference.

Once you get ON TOP OF an ‘item’ that is NOT just another folder then the mere mouse-over still does nothing with that item because there is no deeper folder below it but

if you let go the mouse then that application is launched (as it does now), OR if the user has configured for a dble-click for THAT item:

letting go is the first click and prevents the tree from collapsing, the second one executes. In this case the tree will collapse after the second click OR after so many seconds of idle time.

I’m sorry I’m not a dev and the technojargon is all over the place :slight_smile:

Summing up by way of features rather than methods

  • compactness, for everything on or from a panel, every square
    mm configurable via right-click menu

  • on release (default), single or dble-click as per user config.

  • in addition to some other attributes folder content
    filterable in many ways like executables only, no hiddens,
    whatever extensions only, aliases only etc.

Hi towbar.

Would it be possible to conjure up that old OS in a VBOX or something and locate that program?

Maybe copy it to a new OS and see if it flies?

Worst case would be to extract everything and get some config files or something.

If there is a dependency issue get those from the old OS too.


I have no idea. That OS was either Suse or Slackware which I was using at the time, more likely between suse-5.x to 8.x and the appropriate KDE versions but I can’t really say and I haven’t had those for ages. First we’d need to ID it, it really sucks but I have no clue about what it was called, it did have a name. Once ID’d we might find some stuff on the net. I presumed then that it like KDE classic would be around forever. WRONG.

Jeeeeez! Am I the only one old enough here to go back that far? :slight_smile:

Hey towbar…

I am curious how your little adventure in the search for the ultimate compact only what I want and nothing more shortcut launcher is going.

If my little adventure in the search for the ultimate compact I do not know much but I want as much as possible shortcut launcher can intersect your little adventure then I am all for it !

With all due respect,


With a zillion other things to do it’s on a back burner; I’m not a dev and will most likely just continue with editing the application menu and living with the result until someone in his/her/its wisdom decides to do away with that too in the ever-popular insane stampede to paging horrors that nobody asked for instead :slight_smile:

There ARE a few loose ends in the menu-editing shop as well, I will be addressing some of those next 1st-quarter-moon.