[Bug] Generic Wayland Icon For Many Applications

Hello there,

I am currently using Plasma 5.27.6 on Arch Linux. I have been facing generic Wayland icons for so many applications like Gnome Boxes, Ventoy, and so on since Wayland support first came for Plasma. A long time has passed, but this problem is still not fixed.

KDE developers started to focus more on the upcoming Plasma 6 release, and lots of wayland fixes are now being seen in the repositories.

But I think that developers will be fixing this stubborn bug for the generic Wayland icon very soon.

It’s a bug for the application developers to fix - see here Fixing Wayland taskbar icons - Nico's blog


Hey, @oswald_c, thanks for replying.

I read this blog a few months ago. But there has been the same problem with telegram-desktop since Wayland was first supported on Plasma. But from commits, I see that KDE developers fixed the generic Wayland icon on Telegram. Correct me if I am wrong.

Are there any workarounds for StartupWMClass in the desktop file for Wayland to load the proper icons to be displayed for these problematic apps?

Unfortunately not. I’ve been taking up the issue with the developers of the applications themselves. It’s been fixed for soundkonverter-dark-theme-git in the AUR, and I’ve opened an issue for torbrowser-launcher.

There is a bug/limitation in GTK that causes this to be broken for most GTK apps. There’s not much we can do about that, it’s up to GTK developers to fix it

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Quick hint: You can semi workaround some of the icon issues by forcing the proper desktop binary name in a kwin rule.

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Thank you, @nicolasfella, for replying.

But I also tested the GNOME Wayland Session to see if these types of issues are related to only the KDE Wayland Session or not. But I have seen that the generic Wayland icon is not showing on the GNOME Wayland Session. GTK is also used by GNOME Desktop (Wayland), but I don’t know why the problems are not there.

I see that GNOME has a tool called LookingGlass for getting WMClass for applications. I think that some of the icon-related issues can be fixed when the correct WMClass is used. Correct me if I am wrong.

I hope these problems will be fixed in the near future. But do you suggest any temporary workarounds for fixing this bug as of now?