Build new Kirigami + OpenCV Application on Windows with Craft

I have recently made a very simple image stitching application that I call ImageStitcher using Kirigami and OpenCV.

The original goal of the app was to help my dad automatically stitch optical microscope images. This means that I have the following requirements:

  1. Has to be a very simple application with an intuitive workflow
  2. Has to run on Windows

Fortunately, using Kirigami allowed me to do 1.

For 2, I am kind of stuck:

  • I develop on linux, and I tried to run a 70G virtual machine + recompile the whole kde + opencv stack but after hours of fildling and not managing to make an executable, I just deleted the whole thing out of rage…

I have read the documentation about Craft but I can’t find any information about how to build a new application with it.

Could anyone point me in the good direction for the correct next steps in order to build an executable or installer for windows using the ci like in the tutorial ?
In the end, I really want to make a good application that I could also distribute on linux as a flatpak or maybe even on the windows app store :slight_smile:

Also, I have made a custom icon for ImageStitcher but I have no idea how I can set it to be my appication icon.
Is there a tutorial somewhere about this ?

Thank you for your help !

The documentation exists at Craft/Blueprints - KDE Community Wiki, but first you should set up Craft on Windows to see if you can compile software at all. We also have the Craft room on Matrix if you get stuck.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve already done that. I think I’ve manage to almost get there, failing at the last linking stage or crashing at launch :thinking:

So I’m trying to find alternative solution to this ^^

I’ve made an MR on the kde craft blueprint repo, do you think it has any chance to be merged ?