Can file operations be conducted from the Properties window?

If I invoke file Properties on an image from #Gwenview, is there a way to perform file operations on the file (like Delete) like I can with a right-click on the file in #Dolphin?

I ask despite the presence of the

File Operations

panel because


is rather basic, and although from #Gwenview I can click

Open Containing Folder

and then use #Dolphin, I can’t from all software which allows me to invoke the file properties window.

Delete was specifically removed because it was too dangerous and also because it helped Gwenview on smaller screen sizes.


No, you can’t do that.

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I’d like to request that this be possible. What’s the correct component to file it under?

File it under KIO as that’s the framework that handles the properties dialog.

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In the meantime you could also add it to the toolbar.

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FWIW I don’t think it’s worth asking for this as a feature using Bugzilla; if and when I see such a bug report, I’ll mark it as RESOLVED INTENTIONAL, because the properties dialog is for, well, viewing file properties. It’s not a whole file manipulation GUI. Trying to stuff half of Dolphin into it doesn’t really make sense.