Can find install button

I try to install Neon 20231116-715. At first I don’t see a possibity to install Neon on start. I think maybe later in live Neon . No. I don’t see it there?

you probably got a bad .iso

get it from here


Always verify the checksum of the ISO file.

I did use that same download. I have some time difficulties to install . **(Explain: my Clevo notebook i7 processor 2.80 GHz 32 GB memory, froose in action. I presume it was the Nvidia Geforce videocard, now he use the graphics from the Intel CPU . )**I have a second 28" Samsung screen, KVM switch. go perfect. On the WDC disk I have Kubuntu. On the SSD disk I have Ubuntu. I want Neon on that SSD disk. I try to install: Kumander, I try several linux distros. Kumander says: the media i want to install is not good. Euro-Linux and several ohters. Then suddenly I install Ubuntu: No problem at al install at SSD disk. But I like kde Neon . I use Rufus for ISO on USB.

I know more about not see the install button: If you have a second display , (and a not working screen on that laptop) you only see a install button if you CLOSE the laptop!