Can I go to a specific frame?

Sorry, noob here.

In kdenlive, is there a way to send the monitor or timeline playhead to a specific frame?

Also, is there a frame count somewhere in the UI?
ie, a numeric indicator telling me which frame the playhead is on?

Now that I’m thinking about it, I might want to do edits (like deletes) that span across specfic frames. ie, I might want to delete frames 1 - 768.
Is there an easy way to to edits like that?


Yes, right underneath the project monitor is a timecode field. Enter the exact timecode and hit enter. The playhead is put on that very frame. If you prefer frame numbers instead of timecode, change the display in the timeline toolbar from timecode to frames by clicking on the down arrow right next to timecode.

In order to delete a section, position the playhead to the first frame (using the method described above or by using the mouse or keyboard), press I, then position the playhead on the last frame of the section and press O. That created a timeline zone. Press Shift+X or Z to Lift or Ripple Delete the zone.

All of that is described in detail in the Kdenlive documentation