Can I help with upgrading the Kdenlive UI?

People are complaining online about Kdenlive UI. I find it sufficient but if there is a need to upgrade it or make it better, then I can help.

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Hi and welcome to the forum and community.

If you want to get involved read this. Helping hands are always welcome :wink:

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I mean UI Design as well?

I don’t know how the team designs the UI. There is currently work ongoing about dope sheets and anim curve manipulation, so I guess any help is welcome any time.

I suggest you get in touch with the dev team via this link and discuss how you can help with UI design.

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If you are a designer: Let us know your design thoughts.

If you are a developer (C++, Qt): Changing Kdenlive’s UI Design depends on about 3 different sources:

Join the developer group for more information


There is nothing wrong with Kdenlive’s UI, people are just picky.