Can I show up all auto-hide panels at once?

Hi all, KDE newb here coming from i3. I have some auto-hide panels that I’d like to all show up at once at some configured key press (ideally Meta or Super ie. whatever the Windows key is called). I have removed the standard Applications drop-down that was previously bound to that key anyway.

Is there some way one might set up this functionality? If not for-all-auto-hide-panels, just for 1 specific one would be alright too as long as I can bind the Win key, would really prefer that over clunky key-combos.

Thanks for any ideas! =)

Yes, can do this using the Plasma Scripting API, here is an example of toggling autohide on all panels on plasma 5.27:

for (panel of panelIds) {
    panel = panelById(panel);
    if ( panel.hiding === "autohide") {
        panel.hiding = "none"
    } else {
        panel.hiding = "autohide"

You can modify that to only a specific set of panels, just print their ids (print(panelIds)) and add them to an array.

To test the code above use the plasma-interactiveconsole and to run them from therminal you can use qdbus like this:

qdbus org.kde.plasmashell /PlasmaShell evaluateScript 'your_script_here'

then you put that on a shell script (or python with python-dbus example of mine) and bind it to a shortcut from System Settings

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Many thanks, esp. for pointing me to that Scripting API! Alas…

I guess my main remaining problem is that I want something to happen on just-the-Windows-key (something other than the KDE-default-install app-menu) and System Settings’ “Shortcuts” just don’t seem to let me do that.