Can I somehow save display configurations and switch between them with a keyboard shortcut?

So I have my computer with two display connected, working well. Then I also have my TV connected via HDMI for some gaming. On Windows I’ve used a tool called Monitor Profile Switcher which allowed me to save multiple display configurations and assign keyboard shortcuts to switch between them. For my use case it looked like this:

Config 1: My two displays at my desk enabled (and their position preserved), the TV is disabled.

Config 2: The two displays at my desk disabled, only the TV enabled.

Is it possible to accomplish this functionality in Plasma somehow? I’m using Wayland on openSUSE Tumbleweed.

You can bind scripts to shortcuts in systemsettings shortcuts.

Then you need a script to switch between the state.

You can use kscreen-doctor (command line) to enable/disable screen or request the state of your screens.
kscreen-doctor --help gives you example how to enable or disable a screen. You will need to find the screens name kscreen-doctor -o and available settings.
You can use kscreen-doctor -o | head -n1 | cut -f 4 -d ' ' to determine if your first screen listed is enabled.
Then it is a matter of if/else.
It might be a bit too technical.