Can QML fake windows be resized?

I really hate them, but I wouldn’t mind them quite so much if I could at least view/read their content at the length and width I expect to be able to. Haven’t found a way to do so, though.

Seems strange to bypass the WM.

Took me a while to realize that you mean the dialog. That’s a Kirigami.Overlaysheet. I don’t think those can be configured by the user, no.

It’s not bypassing the WM at all, its size is related to the window size. You can see this if you maximize the window before opening the license.

I see other issues with that license dialog, it seems the license itself has hardcoded newlines…

Maybe the minimum size of the dialog could be set to a value that makes more sense for the license line length by messing around with Kirigami.Units?

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Thanks! I didn’t try resizing the window to resize it. Any reason why the license isn’t just displayed in a regular window?

The reason is because Qt Quick doesn’t make it very easy to open additional windows, it’s possible but it’s a pain. It’s much easier to use overlay sheets (and the behavior is more predictable e.g. on mobile devices, which we also support.)

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Thanks. That’s sensical, although it’s a darn shame.

Why is that, @redstrate? That seems like it would be a fault of KWin, if such basic windows don’t render as they should (fullscreen).