Can we please bring back custom bash commands for notifications?

Can we please go back to this? I don’t like the new setup, it seems kind of against the way KDE works since functionality seems to have been removed rather than improved

this also might be a problem for users who use speech engines since that option does not seem to exist anymore


Can I ask why you don’t just use the “Play a sound” option instead? Does it not work for you?

On that note, it’s being re-implemented: Re-implement "run command" aka "execute" notification event trigger (!143) · Merge requests · Frameworks / KNotifications · GitLab

it does not support mp3 files, I also have a cool little arduino/infrared led setup that i flash when i get new emails, so i kind of need this, anyway, thanks for the info! That really helped! any idea what version this will be re-implemented in?

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Nope, not by the looks of it…

Agree - certainly should have at least a way of launching something (with the event description passed to it?) which in turn could perform any of the missing tasks.

In Discover…

18 separate categories for pretty things under “Plasma Addons” (and one has 6 subsections)

18 programs in total under “Accessibility”.

Please file a bug that the “Play sound” function doesn’t support mp3 files, that seems like something we should fix :slight_smile: And the feature can be shipped as soon as 6.1, because it’s a new feature (once it’s reviewed and approved of course.)

What does this have to do with anything?

I think he/she means programs in discover with comparable features

also what category would my bug report go in? I cant seem to find something for notifications

Under Plasmashell, select “Notifications” in the “Component” section.

It’s only “new” because it was removed

I assume it was left out for a deliberate, conscious reason; I mean mp3 files are sort of fairly common, and it’s not like people forget what they are called, or they are encumbered by patents these days.

nameFilters: ["Sound files(*.ogg *.oga *.wav)"]

Good that the run command is being un-removed though…

looking back at the screenshot, will we get mark taskbar entry and log to file back?

It would be a shame to just have all that empty space sitting there below those options on the panel… :wink:

On a serious note - why was the text to speech dropped in the first place?