Canadian KDE contributors unite!

I know that at one point in the past, there were quite a number of KDE people from or based in Canada, responsible to some degree for e.g. KHTML, Activities, Promo, artwork, scientific software (was it LabPlot?), probably more. I know that some of you are out there right now doing awesome work in the KDE community. Or maybe you’re interested in it, but need some support for getting started first. To the best of my knowledge though, there isn’t a “KDE Canada” subforum or Matrix room or meetup other kind of dedicated exchange.

Do we have enough to get a local community going in one way or another? It doesn’t have to be super organized, but it would be amazing if we know of each other, and perhaps meet for an occasional afternoon of coding/creating/coordinating or whatever it is that you’re working on.

Are you interested in making KDE Canada a thing? Maybe we can! Maybe we’re too few and far apart after all. We won’t know unless we give it a shot. Say hi if you think this is a good idea.

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I’ll try with introductions.

I’m Jakob, based in Toronto, still visiting Vancouver for another week. Moved to Canada almost 15 years ago after growing up and studying in Austria. I’m into KDE for the power that it gives to end users, both in daily use and in shaping its direction.

My contribution to the infamous KDE 4 desktop was renaming icons, then I disappeared into proprietary tech employment for a long time, and since mid last year have been attempting a comeback by improving power management settings and device-related things. I’m generally interested in both the UX side of things and the finer details of code.

I want to help with making KDE more popular among wider audiences, without giving up on its community-governed feel and “simple by default, powerful when needed” principles. There’s a lot of good stuff happening in KDE right now and a little extra push might end up in a serious breakthrough. Ideally I’d also like to make local meetups or sprints happen in the future as well, but organizing isn’t generally my forte, so let’s see where this goes. Perhaps one day I can be a consultant specializing in KDE technologies, or make a small living through donations, although it might not happen and that would be okay too I guess.