Canno delete online quote sources on Kymymoney

Hello. I tried deleting some of the Quote Sources that are set up by default on Kymymoney but when I click delete nothing happens. Is that normal? For example I trie the one called Globe & Mail that I will never need but I cannot manage to delete.
Please let me know thank you

What version of KMyMoney are you using, on what OS/Distribution? When I delete a quote source it seems to delete it as expected.

Hi , thanks for replying. I have Windows 11 and Kmymoney 5.1.3

I noticed that I can only delete the one I created and not the ones that are there originally. I also noticed that when I add a new source I cannot change the name , it just creates a “New Quote Source” and I cannot amend the name. Maybe I just don’t know how to do it but it’s definitely not straight forward

I think you cannot delete the default ones. Renaming should work by double-clicking on the name.

ok thank you . Easy solution then