Cannot drag and drop others' files to the Wastebin widget

Sometimes, the user www-data creates a PHP error log on my desktop. My user is a. If I click it and press Delete, it’s deleted. (Probably because I’m a “sudoer”.)

But if I drag and drop the same file to the Wastebin widget, nothing happens. It only allows me to drop files owned by my user into it. This is annoying.

Can it be helped? Or should I forget about the Wastebin widget (and probably widgets overall) and instead just use the “Dolphin Wastebin shortcut hack” for my trashcan on the desktop?

It’s a great question.

The wastebin is owned by the user. User A gets one. User B gets another one. Root gets one of it’s own. Files are owned by the user and cannot go into another user’s wastebin. Root can delete any user’s files to it’s wastebin.

The easy way to delete a file that is not your own is to simply delete it rather than send it to the wastebin.

Well, I guess the Wastebin widget is more superficial than the “real” Wastebin (I just checked to make sure that you can drag and drop others’ files into that one). Makes me pretty much convinced that the Wastebin widget is pointless and shouldn’t be used. :confused: