Can't drag clips to timeline

Hello everybody. I was slowly learning how to use Kdenlive and then I decided to upgrade to Fedora 38. After the upgrade, I can’t drag any more clips to the timeline. When I try to drag, the mouse pointer takes on a cut circle shape. I’m using AppImage, version 23.04.0 I don’t know how to give more details. Can anyone help me get back to work. Thanks.

Is there no one who can help me?

Well, there are quite a few posts about Fedora 38 messing up applications with Kdenlive being one of them. And so far no immediate fix even though there are already some bug reports out there and being worked on, IIRC. So hang in there or try to downgrade Fedora …

Is this an existing project or a new project? If it is an existing project, how does the same process behave in a new project created with this version?

True, one recent victim was Dropbox in Fedora 37.

New and existing projects. Even in older versions of Kdenlive.

This has, IMHO, nothing to do with Kdenlive but with Fedora: Drag and Drop not working on Fedora 38 Beta; Drag and drop images not working on fedora linux

And this seems to be the culprit: Drag&Drop not working in Qt-Applications (#2715) · Issues · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

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I’m not going to disagree with you, @berndmj, because you are much better informed than I am. My inquiry was aimed at the mundane basics, i.e. whether the plug is in and the device is on and the project files are also not read-only. Video editing has always been a complex subject.

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LOL! You watched “IT Crowd”, right?

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It seems like my question falls into the category of “mundane basics” :pensive:. Sometimes even the simplest things can puzzle us. Thanks, @berndmj and @anon69930177, for the assistance!

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the same with me and could not solve it. I’ve been using the insert clip button to get by…