Can't get legacy X11 global hotkeys working

I am trying to get global hotkeys, namely push-to-talk and mute in Discord and Teamspeak flatpaks, working. I have set the “Legacy X11 App Support” option to “Always”, but in spite of this, these apps only register their hotkeys when I press them when another XWayland window is in focus. They do not work when a native Wayland window is in focus.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this not what the Legacy X11 App Support option is for?

I am perfectly capable of using ChatGPT myself, thank you. I don’t need other people to do it for me.

Are you sure that Discord and TeamSpeak aren’t running on native wayland instead of xwayland? I don’t know if TeamSpeak supports it but Discord’s flatpak has optional wayland support.

They show up as XWayland windows in the KDE debug console (qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin org.kde.KWin.showDebugConsole)

There were two issues I was having here. The first was that one of the apps I was trying to use was broken.

The second was that this setting currently does not work for mouse buttons, but thankfully there is a merge request in the works to fix this issue: 466448 – Allow forwarding mouse button events to X11 apps using "Legacy X11 App Support" page