Can't install kde neon in ESXi

Until now I had no troubles installing KDE neon in ESXi.
But now I am trying to install 20240307-07 in a ESXi 6,7 U3 and in a 7.0U2

The installer/live starts and in a few secconds I read “SMBus controller not enabled” for a short time. Then, the console display becomes black and nothing more happens.

Kubuntu has been installed with no difficulties.

Is there any possible reason?

Not familiar with ESXi, but it has been reported that for Virtualbox, 3D acceleration needs to be enabled for it to work there. You may need to try different virtual hardware settings or options.

Not sure if this is related to the new Plasma 6 specifically or not.

Thanks a lot, dude. Enabling 3D it works!

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