Can't remove tags in dolphin


I can’t remove or modify the tags in dolphin. When I delete them, they reappear.
Also, when I remove a tag from a file, this file is not removed from the tag folder.
The Baloo is enabled and folders of this tagged files are indexed.

Thanks in advance.

With Dolphin the extended attributes are lost when copying read-only files. This incorrect behavior can be exploited.

The better and permanently correct way is setfattr, e.g. “setfattr -x user.xdg.tags” removes the tags. The command “getfattr -d” shows you all attributes. Both are well documented (man) and easy to understand.

Thanks for replying.
So, using “setfattr -x user.xdg.tags” will remove all the tags or selected ones? Also, will they affect the files and folders under this tag? Will they be deleted?

KDE/Plasma with Dolphin, Gwenviev and the other stuff uses 3 attributes: user.baloo.rating, user.xdg.comment and user.xdg.tags.

getfattr -d in conjunction with a filename or directory name will show them to you, using the asterisk “*” instead of an explicit filename will search all data in that directory for attributes.

With setfattr extended attributes are written to the underlying file system, not to the files themselves, so no files or directories are deleted. Dolphin and co. build on this, but does the same thing and calls it differently.

Both commands are well documented (man) and easy to understand. :wink:

When I used (getfatter -d *), it gives me nothing, it opened a new line command.
When I used (setfattr -x user.xdg.tags), it gives me the setfattr help menu.
I also tried this (setfattr -x user.xdg.tags *), it gives me No such attribute.
Is there something wrong I do?