Can't seek in timeline

Hello all. I just setup a fresh debian install and kdenlive. For some reason when I click on the ruler or anywhere in the timeline it won’t seek. The line will move to where I clicked but it won’t move the clip in the monitor. The monitor can be playing a clip and be at the 30 second mark, I click on the ruler at the 20 second mark, it does nothing but keeps playing where it was like I didn’t click anything. It moves the line but the monitor keeps playing where it was. I can’t seek at all by clicking on the timeline anywhere. Kdenlive does NOT do this normally as I have it on another install I use and it works normally. I feel like there is some setting somewhere I am missing but trying to google this is very difficult for some reason. I’m sorry if this is a dumb question.


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Hello @anomalyluna

What version of Kdenlive are you using? Please note that V 23.04.0 had a lot of bugs.

And what is the difference in that other install? Ubuntu? Different Kdenlive version?

I don’t think you are missing a setting in Kdenlive - it’s more an OS issue, I suspect.

You mean something like that, I have that problem too.

Please open a bug report in and link to that video of yours.

I am using Version 20.12.3

I am using Version 20.12.3

This is about 3 years old. Can you update to at least 22.12.2 and try again?

I just updated to 21.04.3 and I’m still having an issue. The version I just upgraded to (21.04.3) is part of bullseye backports. The regular bullseye version is that older 20.12.3 version. Why is there a 3 year old version of kdenlive in the “stable” release of debian? We’re supposed to be on Bullseye, right?

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Ok, so I see that your distro’s package manager doesn’t have the latest version. You can either add kdenlive-stable ppa to your repositories, or simply use the appimage.

I can’t use that PPA with debian. Either way, it turns out I had “clip monitor” enabled instead of “project monitor”… so it really was just me being a moron, like I originally suspected. lol

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„Why is there a 3 year old version of kdenlive in the “stable” release of debian?“

I often read something like that here, Debian has old software, they say succinctly. Stable means with Debian, the interaction of the software with each other works largely smoothly, the system behaves stable on the multitude of different computers. Updates only follow in case of security problems.

If you do video editing for fun or have enough technical understanding to help yourself when upgrades break projects, you can switch Debian’s package system from stable to testing or unstable (kdenlive 22.12.3-2+deb12u1); and fall back on debian-multimedia’s software (1:23.04.1-dmo1).