CapsLock as a layout switching hotkey is behaving weirdly (putting cursor at the beginning of a text field) in some applications

Since fresh installation of KDE6 (wayland, archlinux, latest updates since February when the problem has started to this day), have a problem, where my CapsLock hotkey is behaving weirdly in some instances.

I have set it as (the only) hotkey to switch between keyboard layouts (layouts themselves don’t matter, tried with multiple setups of completely different layouts) and in some applications it also puts my cursor at the beginning of a current textbox. I.e I type a word in one language, press Caps to switch to another and my cursor behaves as if “Home” key was also pressed (cursor is at the beginning of the row); if there are multiple rows, it is as if I also used “PageUp”.

It doesn’t behave like that with a default hotkey (Alt+Shift). Setting “Caps Lock behavior” → “Caps Lock is disabled” on or off doesn’t change anything. Those are the only 2 (or even 1, since disabling Caps Lock doesn’t do anything) options I changed in “Advanced” tab of Keyboard options.

It also only behaves like that in specific applications, telegram-desktop and nheko. What is extremely weird there, is that it differs between distribution methods. It happens when I install telegram via pacman, but doesn’t happen in flatpak. On the contrary, it doesn’t happen in nheko from AUR, but happens in nheko from flatpak.

I didn’t have this problem at all on KDE5. I also don’t have it on my another laptop, where the setup isn’t fresh, but was upgraded from 5 to 6 (also arch).

The problem is that I am at a loss to where exactly to report this bug. It couldn’t be nheko or telegram-desktop, it couldn’t be flatpak. It may be plasma, kwin, QT, xkb, wayland or something else. Please advice me on where exactly to report this.

Sorry for my bad English.