Categories as a separate column on Windows

Hi all,

I installed KMM on my Mac and noticed that the category is available as a separate column in the ledger. Great interface!

However, on my Windows PC, the category is not available as a column.

Is this something on the roadmap for Windows PC?

The multi-line grid of “Show all register entries in full details” is impractical when you have a heavily used credit card account. Lots of scrolling up and down.


The code for KMM is the same for all OSs, except where necessary for things that are handled differently, such as file paths. To answer your question correctly, we need to know exactly which version you are running on each platform. Control of columns displayed in the ledger is improved in master branch over 5.1. In any version from master branch, if you right-click in a column header, you will get a popup showing all the possible columns for that display, which you can select or deselect by clicking the appropriate box.
However, I don’t see Category as a separate column in any 5.1 or master version I have available As far as I know, the Category is always displayed in the Details column.
Again, in which version do you see Category as a separate column?

No problem, I think I made a slight error. The extra column on Mac has a category and Memo, not just a category. I was looking at transactions with no memos when I sent the previous message.

So this is the situation:

Windows version 5.1.3-efb3dc7da

I have a “Details” Column that contains the Payee name only. If I right-click on a header, I get a sorting option, not a column display box. I can’t find this column selector option.

Macbook Version 5.1.80-f6913397e
I have Payee Column to show the payee rather than the details column as in Windows. I also have a Detail (not Details) column that shows Category and Memo under it in a second row. I also can’t find a column selector.

I can’t find any Windows version newer that 5.1.3

Your Windows version is based on the stable version 5.1.3 with fixes up to Oct 31st 2023. Your Mac version is based on the development (aka master) version as of Nov 12th 2023. Only the master version allows to select additional columns using the right mouse button on the header of the ledger.


Using the left mouse button opens the sort option dialog.

There is no separate column for the category, though several wish list items exist:

Thanks, I installed the Master ad looks exactly like the Mac and how I want it.