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I’m setting up KMyMoney to do my personal bookkeeping on it (family, no business, no international currencies, probably not even tracking investments). I was hopeful that this will fit my needs best. But now I see in the manual, under sub-categories: “Categories can be split into sub-categories, but the sub-category totals are not included in the higher level category total.” That doesn’t make any sense to me. If I have expenses: auto / repairs: $50, auto / fuel: $50, and auto / misc: $10; then under auto expenses I should see $110. Am I not understanding what the manual says, or how KMyMoney works?

What version are you using, on what OS/Distribution? I just tried an Appimage from the 5.1 branch, and the totals DO get rolled up in the Categories view. Oddly, in master branch, they do not get rolled up, so I will report that as a regression (unless I just can’t find the configuration setting for it.)

Ubuntu 22
KMyMoney 5.1.2

Can you find 5.1.3 for Ubuntu? If not, you can try the an Appimage. (See the downloads page at I would have to hunt through git logs to find when the roll-up of totals was added, but it may well have been after 5.1.2.

In the 5.1 series one can display different columns for accounts and categories. The one called Posted Value only shows the balance for that entry not including the balance of any sub-ordinate items. The one called Total Value includes them.

Use the right mouse button on the header of the table to select/deselect columns.

At this link KMyMoney_Release_appimage-centos7 #568 [Jenkins]
I find
Build #568 (Aug 5, 2023 7:24:00 PM)
That doesn’t look like 5.1.3.

But it is :slight_smile: It’s 5.1.3 with all changes added in between on the way to 5.14. If you start it and look at the about page it will tell you exactly what it is.