Change transaction(s) from one (main) category to (a new) sub-category

This is the first time I’m posting a question on this webpage (
In the past I used ‘’ but it seems that is not active anymore. ( no transfer of existing logins - :frowning: ).
Here it goes…
I’m using kmymoney ‘v5.1.3-3408d1edc’ for quite a while and it’s working fine. One exception I notice today.
I tried to transfer a number of (income) transaction from ‘main-category’ (e.g. ‘Main-1’) to newly created sub categories of the same main-cat (e.g. ‘main-1:sub-1’ and ‘main-1:sub-2’) but it doesn’t allows me to edit the existing transactions.
Is that a bug in ‘my’ version or do I have to follow a specific procedure to change the category on he existing transaction?
Any helpful reply is much appreciated.

Linux Mint v20 - Ulyana

Yes, the forum has been turned into a read-only archive. The new one here out-performs it.

It should be possible to make such a change. Did you try to edit a single transaction and change its category from main-1 to main-1:sub-1? Does that work? It should also be possible to perform that for multiple transactions at once, but none of them must be a split transaction. Then this feature is suppressed. Does that make sense?

I think I got caught-up in the details.
While in the ledger, I selected in the left-top drop down list the category instead of the (asset) account. That didn’t allow me to ‘edit’ the transaction. However, when I select the 'asset account in the dd-list, than I was able to edit the transaction and to change the category.
That raises the question, was it intended to be able to select both, a category or an ‘asset’ account in this dd- list? Why is it allowed to select a category in this dd-list? - Just curious.
But overall, my problem is solved. Thanks

Internally KMM treats Categories as a special type of Account. If you are trying to edit the transactions in the ledger for the Category, you can’t change the category, in the same way that when you edit a transaction in the ledger for an Account, you can’t change the Account for that transaction. So, if by the left top dropdown, you mean the one which shows for which account or category you are viewing the transactions, that can explain what you saw.