Changing the Background

After months of intermittent searching, I’ve found no way to change the blindingly white background of this site to something less obtrusive and, actually, obnoxious. Does it exist? If not, to save my eyes I may have to stop coming here.

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This is particularly uninformative, Duha. What am I looking at? How is it accessed? It DOES NOT seem to be available in KDiscuss ( - at least not in the current version available using KDE Plasma in Fedora.

Is this not working for you?


Can’t tell. It doesn’t seem to EXIST for me. Where is this “Dark Theme” page, please???

While logged in to the forum, go to

“Color Scheme” should be at the top of the options with a menu to click on under “Regular”. Choose whichever theme meets your requirements.

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Success! Thank you, Oswald.

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Ah! That did it, Oswald. Thank you!

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