Clip duration configuration not applied


I’m trying to make a video with about 1000 photos. I would like to set the duration of each photo to 00:00:01:28. Furthermore, I prefer not to use the slideshow clip, because I would like to change the duration of some of my photographs in the video.
I went into the configuration menu and set the time wanted :

But I do not understand why, I’ve been researching and struggling since yesterday, the time sets at 00:00:02:04 :neutral_face: It is visible in the clip properties, but can not change it…

Help please, my only option for now is to change 1000 photos clip duration one by one :woozy_face:

The timecode notation is hh:mm:ss:ff. So 1:28 is 1 second and 28 frames. If the project is set to 24fps, 1:28 is converted to 2:04 because 28 frames is 1 second and 4 frames

Thank you very much for the precise answer. I understand now that there is a connection between the frames setting and the time duration setting of a clip. I do not quite get the mathematics of it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ve fiddled with the settings (lower/higher frame rates vs. clip duration), can not get to make my clip last for 1,28 seconds … :pensive: it works fine under 1,23 seconds. Could you please solve this math problem ? How should I configure Kdenlive in order to get a clip at 1,28 seconds ? :pray:

What is your fps setting for this project?

1,28 (or 1.28) seconds is 1 second and 28/100th. Divide the fps by 1.28 and you get the number of frames for 1.28s of your video. If the division result is a fraction adjust the fps until you get a result without decimal points. For example, @ 25fps you need 32 frames for 1.28 seconds of film. So the duration setting for the clip is 00:00:01:07 - 1 second and 7 frames.

Thanks again :smile:
I’ve done it like you said :

At the end, the duration of a clip on the mixing table and in the clip properties appears at 1,07 seconds… and not 1,28 as expected… Did I do something wrong ?

No, but you are reading the timecode wrong: The duration of a clip is given in hh:mm:ss:ff. In your case 00:00:01:07 is 1 second and 7 frames, which at 25 fps is 1.28 seconds.

Thank you very much berndmj for your patience :hugs:

I understand, ok. It’s like you say on the mixing table :

We pass from 00:00:00:24 to 00:00:01:01. I got it.
Thank you :star_struck: