Clipboard and renaming files


When I use the clipboard to paste its contents to rename files and on some other browser extensions, the clipboard closes the renaming or the extension popup when I open it by extension.
That’s what I mean
My device info

Thanks in advance

I get “access denied” from Google drive from that link.

Does this work

It does in that I can access it. However, I found it hard to make out what it showed. (The player on imgur was difficult to pause, and after a while would not pause or stop or anything. I had to download it, then watch it with VLC, and use Zoom to see the relevant part.)

The “Show items at mouse position” does what you say for me on my plasma 5.27.4.

(As well, I expected it to paste something I selected, rather than just changing what’s current.)

So, it’s an issue or this is normal response??

For the (Expect it to paste selected item), actually I prefer it to not paste by selection to give me an option to paste or paste as a plain text.